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Why we choose motorized curtain

times   2016-09-23

In our daily life, the fundamental role of the curtain is simply to protect personal privacy and block dust or sun. However, for the traditional curtain, we must use our hands to pull it every morning especially for the villa or duplex room large curtains. On the other hand, the curtain is so heavy and long. So it is too troublesome to take much effort to switch curtains for the elderly.
How can easily opened and closed it for higher windows curtains? For example, human lifting is laborious and time-consuming if there is a garage metal shutter .For the ceiling curtains, are you still to go and move it personally? If you Catch windy day and you are not at home, how to close the curtains for blocking the dust ?
Now, you do not have hands to do these things, simply follow your habits, do a simple time setting in advance, use the remote control to tap a button, then you can arbitrarily control your smart electric curtains.
Thus, with the emergence of motorized curtains, you will really enjoy the feeling of being the master. In addition to the time setting, brightness setting, you just gently press the curtains remote control, the motorized curtains intelligent remote control will follow the instructions faithfully to serve you. Morning comes, automatic curtain opened, the warm sun is being on a house; The night comes, outdoor light became weaker, lights in the room automatically opens and then the curtains automatically pull......
With the continuous development of technology, people's living and working conditions are improving , motorized curtains also increasingly accepted by people. It has been widely used in Europe and other developed countries.
Motorized curtains products not only realize the electrification, but it also realize automation through infrared, radio remote control or timing control. If we adopt sunlight, temperature, wind and other electronic sensors, it can realize intelligent operation. It not only reduces the labor intensity , but also extends the life of curtains. Because of simple installation and affordable price, many families make the interior decoration and the modern intelligent control together as a kind of the new fashion of interior decoration.

Today, motorized curtains has become preferred for modern high-end residential, hotels, intelligent buildings, multimedia centers, private villas and others!

Why we choose motorized curtain

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