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What kinds of motorized curtain motor we have?

times   2016-10-26

Four kinds of curtain motor:

1. Normal curtain motor: there are AC curtains motor and DC curtains motor, which has 1N.m and 2N.m,less than 3 meters with 1N.m, less than 6 meters with 2N.m.

2. Strong current curtains motor: Professional five wires with smart home, strong current in center control, strong current control panel directly, leading design, also can use the remote control or dry contact control at the same time strong current control. Also it has start by itself by pulling and manual pulling function when power off.

3. Motorized Roman blinds: also name roman rod curtain blind, internal motor with silent design, electric or manual, multiple group control function, a standard interface supports multi curtain motor group controlled.

4. Electric lift curtains blind: a combination of tubular motor and curtain motor.

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